Rego Group was founded due to the need of aggregating the social participations of a number of successful companies, some with already over 40 years of activity, as in the case of F. REGO, founded in 1979.

The Group began its consolidation operations in the market in 2005, acquiring a position of qualified majority in Sá Pereira do Lago, in Coimbra, maintaining Teresa Lago as both a minority shareholder and a representative of family tradition in the company.

Subsequently, in 2009, it proceeded with the opening of a F. REGO branch office, in Lisbon, with shareholder Ana Duarte, embodying the growing need to be more responsive towards costumer demands in the Lisboa and Vale do Tejo area.

In order to keep up with the evolution in costumers and the market itself, the Group initiated an internationalization process and in created a new broker in Spain named Iberassekuranz in 2011, together with other partners with over 20 years of international experience.

With a clear commitment towards internationalization, Rego Group founded, in 2014, a wholesale operator named SEMPER, targeting the development of specific solutions, particularly in international markets. It acts as a Wholesaler and a Subscription Agency, partnering with several brokers and international insurance companies, in order to offer specialized solutions for the national and international market.

In 2016, it became an equity holder in a broker in Brazil, Sanyuu, former broker Grupo MITSUI, which has registered a remarkable growth in recent years.

More recently, in 2018, aiming for specialization, the Group formed, along with Sérgio Romero Vila, Insur4Credit, a company entirely dedicated to bond and credit insurances, which acts as a wholesaler specialized in credit, investment and bond insurances.

Combining a familiar shareholding structure with a professional management model, the Group continues the tradition of insurance brokerage with a modern and updated business model, enabling a more global scope.