To meet the growing challenges of the sector and the specific needs of each client, F. Rego – Corretores de Seguros offers a wide range of services and business solutions that, together with a highly specialized team of professionals with extensive experience turns F. Rego into the best business partner for your company.

Insurance Brokerage

In a market with increasingly higher levels of demand, F. Rego offers a service of insurance brokerage, based essentially on the customization of the needs of each client, by creating the position of the Account Manager – a professional responsible for the full management of the insurance portfolio, in all its aspects and specificities, developing and quantifying a tailored insurance programme together with the insurance market.

Insurance Consultancy

At F. Rego, our specialist advisors are continuously committed to creating tailor-made solutions by providing insurance consultancy services to meet the interests of each client, making it one of our main goals to provide services with the best value for money.

With major importance to institutional clients and public entities, F. Rego provides consultancy services to meet legal procurement requirements and to set service levels in the development of insurance plans.

Risk Management

Clients know that risk transfer policy is more than just buying a comprehensive insurance program. Risk assessment and adequate security and safety measures are some of the main concerns of modern business management.

F. Rego has a team of risk management experts that will help you identify potential risks, establish a risk profile, review operational policies and procedures, and suggest measures for protecting and monitoring their implementation.

Claims Management

Through the claims management service, F. Rego carries out full claims management and follow-up process, both in Portugal and abroad, and is always the contact point for clients with all the parties involved.

Recoveries & Claims Settlement

This service allows your company’s complaint and incident management services to be fully outsourced, thereby ensuring not only proper and permanent response levels, but also a specialized customer care service.

With special focus on Liabilities and Cargo, resorting whenever required to specialized legal support, F. REGO ensures that your company will always have a recoveries and claims settlement service for non-compliance events incurred as a result of its activity

Employee Benefits

Your company needs the qualities and talents of your employees, in order to ensure that they feel properly rewarded, motivated and protected. An increasing number of companies are realizing that providing innovative reward plans is an excellent strategy, not only to retain current employees, but also to attract new members to join their workforce.

F. Rego can help you achieve this goal by setting up a customized employee benefits plans, tailored to the real needs of your company, customizing private health plans, life, or personal accident insurances, as well as more sustainable, competitive and effective retirement and private pension schemes.

International Programs

In a globalized world, an ever-increasing number of medium and large-scale companies are establishing international subsidiaries and buying or creating new companies in different locations. For business outside their home countries, these companies inevitably need a partner with broad experience in designing and implementing international insurance programs that allow a flexible and efficient management of the same.

For that, F. Rego has a vast experience in designing and managing international insurance programs in order to ensure full compliance with legal and technical requirements at all times; in addition, it standardizes criteria and benefits and a single contact point for all insurance matters, regardless of where they occur.


As part of their Social Responsibility, organizations should provide their members with advantages in taking out private insurance, while benefiting from the scale effects and exclusive and pre-set conditions. In this regard, F. Rego provides insurance programs for collectives and affinity groups, also offering specialist services for any client that requires effective management in its insurance plans.

Trade Credit and Bonds

Trade Credit, Bonds and Investment insurances are intended to protect the risk resulting from business transactions carried out both at national and international level as well as the guarantee of supply. With vast experience and tradition in credit insurance, F. Rego provides the most adequate solution for each client, in order to avoid the client’s business from being affected in case any of its clients fail to comply.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Given that the complexity of merger and acquisition processes can offer multiple risks, namely when it comes to entering new markets or business areas, F. Rego provides a team of experts who follow the entire process, starting with the structuring of the operation and ending with its implementation. This allows both the buyers and sellers to be protected against possible losses arising from facts undisclosed during the transaction process.