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Founded 40 years ago by Fernando Rego, F. REGO stands as a provider for differentiating solutions for the corporate market, in which they are specialized.

Supporting the growth in strategic management, F. REGO became specialized in corporate risks, especially complex risks. Using the leverage of international partnerships and sharing their knowledge was key for a sustainable and integrated growth, capable of meeting new world trends and challenges, with the necessary adjustment to the Portuguese reality.

A market leader in several areas of business, F. REGO is the perfect partner for YOUR company.

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What’s happening in the Red Sea and how does it impact insurance?

The Red Sea, a vital route for international trade, is undergoing turbulent times. With the intensification of attacks on commercial ships travelling in this region by the Houthis, a Shiite rebel group that controls a significant part of Yemen, the growing instability is affecting shipping in the region, but which [...]

February 2024|