CEO Message

When I founded F.Rego in 1979, I felt I could make a difference. Make a difference for the quality, make a difference for the innovation, make a difference for audacity.

At the time, there were not brokers in the brokers who were bold enough to believe that this area needs to be reinvented everyday: stiff solutions don’t fit innovative clients.

Early on, we bet on a strong relationship with the international markets: through these we acquired experience, we tested alternatives, we learnt new concepts and we grew in solutions.

Along with the solutions, confidence has grown and that confidence made us grow together with our clients.

This is the nature of a partnership with a future. It does not confine to a certain time or place. It is a partnership that accompanies, advises, flourishes and gives fruits.

30 years have passed and it is with great pride and satisfaction that I feel that the purpose I proposed was fully achieved.

The philosophy of F.Rego Group, strongly based on a family structure that still lasts, has provided us with a solid and sustained growth.

Our Group is renowned as an innovative broker, member of several international networks, operating directly in different countries, which allows us not only to accompany our clients but also to represent several international brokers and carriers in Portugal.

With a young, competent and motivated team, we will keep on working on a path paved with growth, solidness and audacity.

Talk to us. We may be able to surprise you. For the level of quality, for the permanent search of innovative solutions.

Because we make the difference. For you.

Fernando Rego